Please Support Build This House & Help Us Purchase Our New Media / Broadcast Facility!

Community Partner!

Please support the “Build This House” Campaign, to help us purchase the building that's pictured below; that will be used as our New Media / Broadcast Facility? This is the building that we prayed about and asked God for! The building will house our Gospel FM Radio Station, Gospel Internet Radio Station, Christian Television Network & Broadcast Studio, as well as our Corporate Administrative Office.

We posted this page to ask you to partner with us by giving a one-time Love Gift of $35; to help us purchase this property. Each “Build This House - Community Partner”who gives the request donation; will receive an exclusive 2017 Rhema Gospel Radio Partner’s Pendent (pictured on the bottom left side of this page).

So please click on the Donate-Now button and give your donation today! Thank you in advance for your support.