Please Support Build This House - Help Us Purchase Our New Media / Broadcast Facility!

Prior to the July 2013; FCC (Federal Communications Commission) LPFM (Low Power FM Radio) Application Window; we searched the Cypress area for a possible location for our DEBT-FREE Broadcast Facility; which would house our FM Radio Station, Television Network and the Administrative Offices. God showed us the vacant land, we prayed over it and started working toward the goal to obtain it. Shortly thereafter; The Devil showed up and tried to steal our FM Radio Channel away from us, but by the Power of God and Through the Strenght of His Might. We Prevailed!

Below is the land and now the building that we asked God for! So we're posting this notice to ask you to partner with us by giving a one-time Love Gift of $35 or more, to help us purchase this property for our new broadcast facility. Build This House Partner's will receive our exclusive 2017 Partner's Pendent; which is shown on the bottom left of this page.

So please click on the Donate-Now button to give the requested donation Today! Thank you in advance for your support.