Please Support Build This House - Help Us Build Our New Media / Broadcast Facility!

With 7 months of operating as an FM Radio Station and nearly 14 years as one of Houston, TX's original Internet Radio Stations, we are seeking Now Faith Believers to partner with us to help make this vision a reality. For this reason, we solicit your effectual and fervent prayers, and financial gifts during this season.

Please support our Kingdom Media Vision by purchasing a $125 Brick-Pak; to help us stay on the air for years to come.

Your Brick-Pak Purchase will help us build our new Broadcast / Media Facility, so that this radio station can continue its daily broadcast of the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally and around the world.

Please click on the Red & Gold Donate-Now button to purchase a $125 Brick-Pak Today!

Thank you in advance for your support.