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12-16-17 - Shine Yo Lyte Productions

Shine Yo Lyte Productions will host a Show Your Gift Christmas Concert. The event will be held on Saturday - December 16, 2017 at (6pm) at the following location:

Word of Deliverance Church - Pastor Johnny L. Milton
5823 MoHawk Street
Houston, TX 77016
Contact: Minister Andrea Menfee - 832-794-2552
Event: FREE - With Can Good Donation


01-27-18 - The Voice Speaks Volume - Man Up Awards

The Voice Speaks Volume will hold its Man Up Awards, "My Brother's Keeper "Man-Up" You Matter! The event will be held on Saturday - January 27, 2018 at (7pm) at the following location:

Third Ward Multi-Service Center
3611 Ennis Street
Houston, TX 77004
Contact: Lynette Ewell-Patterson - 850-469-6543

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