Music Submission Guidelines

As a / Non-Profit / Non-Commercial / Listener Supported / radio station, Rhema Gospel Radio depends on 100% of donations to remain on the air. We ask that you to support the radio station by adding your CD Cover on our "Artist Page" to help us continue the Work for the Kingdom of God. Please click on this link to add your CD Cover: (Artist Page Sign-Up)

Music Submission Via Email

As Northwest Houston's Urban Gospel Radio Station, we take seriously our mission of supporting deserving artists unrecognized by mainstream radio.

Rhema Gospel Radio welcomes all Urban Gospel Music submissions.

If you would like to submit your music for consideration for air-play on Rhema Gospel Radio.

Please submit your music via MP3 file at 320kb rate or higher via email to: [email protected].

All audio files must have Metadata embedder with album graphic and publisher information for royalty reporting and tracking.

Any music submissions without this information will not be used. Please consult your producer or engineer to have this information included in your MP3 files submissions.

Please note that reviews or critiques of submitted music are not available at this time.

Music Submission Via Postal Mail

Please enclose CDs in standard jewel case/digipack packaging with a clear spine label. Avoid, if possible, sending CDs in sleeves as they can (and do) get lost in the shuffle.

A copy of your release and a thorough one-sheet about you and the music is plenty. Extras such as lengthy press clippings or unwieldy folders make organization difficult and typically delay review of your material.

Please send your finished, broadcast-ready CD of your music, with complete track listings and track suggestions, by mail to:

Rhema Gospel Radio
P.O. Box 1218
Cypress, TX 77410
Attn: Music Department

Submissions received by Rhema Gospel Radio will not be returned; by submitting music you affirm that you authorize Rhema Gospel and/or KOER-LP 101.5 FM - Cypress, TX to air your music if the station chooses to do so.

Submission of music to Rhema Gospel Radio - KOER-LP 101.5 FM - Cypress, TX does not guarantee airplay.

Note: We don't charge artist to play their music... CD Cover Diplay donations given to Rhema Gospel Radio will be used to help us stay on the air.

Thank you in advance for your support...


The Audio, Videos, and all other Media Materials aired on this broadcast station, does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the management of Rhema Word Broadcasting, Rhema Gospel Radio, Inc. it's affiliates, and/or the staff of these entities. Please direct all correspondence to the appropriate company’s website and/or business address.

Rhema Gospel Radio is recognized as a Non-Profit Organization. But we're not a IRS 501(c) 3 Charity. Broadcast and other donations given to Rhema Gospel Radio are considered as gifts toward the enrichment of the Kingdom of God. No refunds will be issued...