Acknowledge Your Business With Announcements

Rhema Gospel Radio is a Public FM Radio Station. With that said, we will not be able to specifically promote your products and services under current FCC rules, but we can create a professional business underwriting announcement that adheres to FCC guidelines for public radio.

Underwriting announcements are strictly for the identification of the sponsor.

All underwriting announcements are limited to 30 seconds (:30) or less in length, with no music and will include one of the following: "This hour is sponsored by" or “Support for Rhema Gospel Radio comes from our listeners, sponsors and … (Your business name, slogan, website and/or telephone number).”

Why Should I Underwrite Rhema Gospel Radio?

When you underwrite Rhema Gospel Radio, you’ll have the opportunity to reach over 1.4 million local and thousands of monthly Internet and Mobile Device listeners—successful, educated, community leaders—through programming that not only teaches, inspires, and broadens horizons, but also entertains. Your company understands the importance of supporting something the audience values.

In studies, listeners have said that a company with a public radio presence is a company that shares their values and with whom they are more likely to do business. This “halo effect” is the ultimate connection between your company and Rhema Gospel Radio’s listeners.

Let your message stand out in the uncluttered atmosphere of public radio.

We believe our underwriters are special—so will our listeners. In fact, they’re 88% more likely to buy products and services from companies that support public radio than from companies that advertise on commercial radio.

Your support of Rhema Gospel Radio also shows you have a desire to support the local community and our youth, and you are concerned about the development of our future leaders through values-driven radio programming.

Rhema Gospel Radio is committed to local programming that gives listeners an alternative to commercial radio stations. All of our programs are family-friendly for every generation.

- Click here to download the Underwriting Form.

You may give your Underwriting Donation by clicking on the "Donate" button below

Or yor may mail your Underwriting Donation check payable to:

Rhema Word Broadcasting
P.O. Box 1218
Cypress, TX 77410
Attn: Radio Underwriting

Thank you in advance for your support.


The Audio, Videos, and all other Media Materials aired on this broadcast station, does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the management of Rhema Word Broadcasting, Rhema Gospel Radio, Inc. it's affiliates, and/or the staff of these entities. Please direct all correspondence to the appropriate company’s website and/or business address.

Rhema Gospel Radio is a Non-Profit Organization, but not a IRS 501(c) 3 Charity. Broadcast and other donations given to Rhema Gospel Radio are considered as love gifts toward the enrichment of the Kingdom of God. No refunds will be issued... Also keep in mind that donations are collected for particular causes; however in some cases donations may be used in other financial areas of the ministry to sustain the radio station as needed.

Nevertheless! Your Ministry / Business Underwriting Donation to Rhema Gospel Radio can be written off as a Business Expense.

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